Sorgenfri is the name of Jörgen’s traditonal norvegian boat, recently put on the water.

Sorgenfri on the water tag

This boat has been “handmade” according to traditional norvegian know-how. (builder Mr. Øivind Andersen at Rød Båtbyggeri http://www.roedbaatbyggeri.no)



But Jörgen is a man of the 21th century, fully concerned with pollution damages and moreover, he loves the calm and quiety of sailing, talking with his friends and family while enjoying the beautiful views of the norvegians coasts from the water. For all these reasons and also because he has enough to do with his job and didn’t want to work on a motor during his free time, he chose an electric propulsion system, that he hides under the coffee table of Sorgenfri.

SORGENFRI hand built traditionnal boat in process

Sorgenfri Table hides motor and batteries



Light, quiet, odourless, safe and secure, maintenance free, reliable, Sorgenfri is 100% pleasure for its owner and family.

Moreover, Sorgenfri shows that it is possible to mix together tradition and clean technology, taking care of environment and personal finances…

Sorgenfri Motor and batteries


Photo source: owner of Sorgenfri


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