STR Europe was proud to design the electric propulsion of the two sisterships Galaxy and Galaxy of Happiness built in Latvia by the shipyard “Latitude Yachts”. The boats have been put on water in May 2016 and have been navigating around Europe since. Galaxy of Happiness was at Monaco Yacht Show last week. M Biancardi offered you the opportunity of a private visit. For all of you who couldn’t attend the MYS, let’s have a look at some pictures of this amazing boat. Its  electric prop has a cruise speed of 6 knots with more than 1 hour autonomy. This allows the lucky owner to fish so quietly that fishes do not even guess what’s happening!

Galaxy of Happiness MYS 2016 STR Europe
The Galaxy of Happiness on shore at MYS september 29. It is called the biggest trimaran of the world and was built by Latitude Yachts. A wide decking entry leading to the main lounge. Half cloudy-half sunny was the Monaco sky of this septembre 29. But the temperature was high enough to appreciate air conditionning…

Galaxy of Happiness MYS 2016 STR EuropeInox grey and shining trimaran Galaxy of Happiness in the clear light of Monaco sunny weather.


Galaxy of Happiness MYS 2016 STR Europe
All is bright and shining inside. And the table is set as an invitation to sit around under the light well. The natural light coming from the roof makes you feel like outside and enjoy the sunny sky.

Galaxy of Happiness MYS 2016 STR Europe The marble deck with all the instruments. That’s from this pilot house that the captain chooses to switch to electric propulsion when the owners want to spend a quiet hour fishing at a 4 to 6 knots speed. This visit was also the opportunity to discuss with the captain. so we could get his evaluation on the electric propulsion. He is really satisfied and enthusiastic! The autonomy is good and the comfort of the silent motors are highly appreciated. To conclude with, “Happiness” in the name of the ship was a very accurate choice!

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