You are part of a growing group of sailors who are focusing on sailing and less on maintenance.  That being said, this is a good time to go over a few items to check out for the new boating season:

  • The Electric Yacht system has only one (make that two) maintenance items – there are two zirk fittings above the shaft on the front and rear of the frame. Once a year it is a good idea to give them a fresh squeeze of marine grease.  Not too much and we also recommend that you wipe off excess.  This is to make sure any moisture is removed and that the bearings are protected.

  • Electric Yacht battery testingChecking batteries are likely the most important part of the yearly routine. You should do a check every month with a volt meter, but one a year a though one.  The batteries should be at the same voltage or very close.  If on is not, charge it individually.  Loosen the lug bolts, clean the terminals, squirt on some battery maintenance fluid, tighten the bolts down snug and flat to the battery and make sure that the washer(s) are not between the lug and the batteries.
  • Inspect the battery and electric cables – lugs tight – good heatsinks.




  • If the motor is dusty or dirty, this is a good time to clean it off.
  • Make sure all the nuts are tight and you should use blue Locktite on all nuts and bolts. This helps make sure that un-common metals do not STR Europe Electric Yacht electric motor yearly maintenancereact to each other and also makes it easier to remove in the future.
  • Inspect the belt(s). We really do not know how long the belts will last as we have been using them in our motors for 7 years now.  If you have wear on the belt please tell us about it so that we can understand how they are performing.

Tell us how the system is performing.  We always like to see pictures and hear stories.

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