STR Europe ENECOM High Performance solar Panel

STR Europe ENECOM Solar Panel

STR Europe now proposes you the  ENECOM Solar Panels that offer a wider range of high quality photovoltaic panels.
Flexible, light, thin, waterproof, seawater and UV resistant, ENECOM Solar panel uses mono and poly crystalline silicium technologies that double the solar panel efficiency compared to panels on the market.
ENECOM solar panels have been selected for their great adaptability: easy to install on any structure, including biminis and decks, and also can be complemented with a full range of junction accessories (cables, junction boxes) and charge regulators.

Fully concerned by the design of your boat, the ENECOM conceptors have developped 3 colour options: black, white or transparent, to circle the photovoltaic cells and suit your boat design and style.

The recyclable ENECOM photovoltaic module is the perfect solar energy conversion system that fits with our Lithionics batteries .
Get 100% green and clean energy for your boat.

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