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Engineering and Naval Architecture

STR Europe is specialised in the development of “clean energy technologies”applied onboard boats and ships, by proposing . solutions for generating zero emission energy. The approach is based on STR Europe ethical responsibility and environmental protection as key factors in present and future economic development. For waterborne passenger shuttles (sea and river), yachts, professional boats, the ship design process starts by taking into account the energy load required to achieve “self-sufficient boat with zero emissions” and by enhancing research and development of clean energy technologies to reduce noise and vibration on board up to 100%.

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The expertise of STR Europe is the result of 28 years of experience in research and development in the field of naval engineering. Hull :STR Europe develops innovative generations of hulls for a reduction of the motion resistance and better propulsion. STR Europe’s hulls offer a reduced drag, a optimizes propulsion and a minimized required power. Propulsion :The propulsion designed by STR Europe can be electric (exclusive) or hybrid thermal-electric by coupling with renewable energy sources (last generation fuel cells, photovoltaic energy, wind energy).

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Renewable energies, storage and energy management system: Ships and boats designed by STR Europe integrate an innovative solution to solve the issue of generation, management and storage of energy. STR Europe’s embedded solutions allow the production and storage of zero emission energy by coupling with renewable energy (wind, solar) and offer a long-term energy storage facing the intermittent availability of some renewable energies.

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