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ENECOM Solar Panels

Enecom high performance Solar Panels

STR europe Enecom Hybrid

STR Europe is proud to present ENECOM thin and flexible solar panels. Made in Italy from a special material, they use mono and poly crystalline silicium technology, reaching twice the efficiency of amorphous silicium. They are available in different size and power.
ENECOM photovoltaic panels are the best solar panels for your boat! They are flexible, waterproof, light, robust as well as sea water, UV and vibration resistant. Can be fully recycled.
With several innovating installation systems available, ENECOM solar panels will easily be part of your boat design and come in white, black or clear structure. Ideal for windows, frame, decks or biminis of your boat.
A solar panel 100% adaptable: a range of power and voltage available on demand to STR Europe. We also propose a range of junction accessories (cables, junction box) and charge regulators.
You can find at the end of the page all technical specification sheets for ENECOM solar panels.
For a more exhaustive list or more information, thanks to fill the contact form here and we will get back to you quickly.
Don’t forget that our Lithionics batteries are perfect to complete your photovoltaic system!

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